Application Deadline for the NASA Administrator’s Fellowship Program Extended to February 21, 2008

The NASA Administrator’s Fellowship Program is a unique program designed to enhance the professional development of NASA employees and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) faculty at Minority Institutions (MIs)1. The program also strives to increase the capability of MIs to respond to NASA’s research, development, and education needs.

Since 1997, eighty-nine (89) fellows have entered the NAFP. Through the development and implementation of professional development plans tailored to each individual fellows’ and host institutions’ needs, the benefits to Minority Institutions, faculty, and NASA employees include:

• Access to NASA’s internal and informal information networks
• Opportunity to gain and expand knowledge of NASA’s technical and scientific needs
• Opportunity to share information about specific MSI capabilities and technologies
• Enhancement of undergraduate and graduate research
• Opportunity to build scholarly publication skills

In order to meet NAFP objectives, two categories of respondents are encouraged to apply:

1) NASA Career Employees – These fellows will teach and/or conduct research at a MI and participate in developmental assignments at NASA Headquarters, NASA centers, NASA related research organizations, other government agencies, or in the private sector. Employee fellows will spend approximately 9 months teaching at a MI and 9-13 months in professional development assignments. Typically, the NAFP tenure for NASA employees is 18-22 months.

2) STEM Faculty of Minority-Serving Institutions – These fellows will conduct research at NASA Headquarters, NASA centers, NASA related research organizations, other government agencies, or in the private sector. They may also pursue other developmental assignments over the course of the fellowship. Faculty fellows will spend 12 months conducting research at a NASA center and 9 months “in-residence” at their home institution conducting NASA-related research. Typically, the NAFP tenure for faculty fellows is 21 months.

The participation of fellows from both NASA and academia will serve to increase knowledge of the scientific and technical needs of NASA as well as increase the capability of MIs to participate in NASA-sponsored research and development (R&D) programs. Fellow participation will also allow NASA to share information about leading edge technologies and establish relationships with the MIs. In addition, fellows will receive training in the latest methods of teaching mathematics, science, and engineering, and in the presentation of research results. These benefits will strengthen the fellows in their careers and provide enhanced capabilities to assist in the academic preparation of future scientists and engineers.

The application deadline for the NAFP program has been extended until February 21, 2008. Please visit the following website for details and application forms.


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