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Athletic Training Internships at Kennedy Space Center – Deadline March 28, 2008

The Kennedy Space Center RehabWorks Program offers athletic training internships to juniors, seniors and graduate students, with preference being given to undergraduates. This opportunity is a 40-hour-a-week internship that focuses on physical medicine and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Each student will be challenged with hands-on evaluations, rehabilitation design, educational outreach and injury prevention. The internships are part of the KSC Volunteer Services Program. Participants are not compensated.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens due to heightened security and extended requirements for security clearances. The application deadline for the summer 2008 semester is March 28, 2008.

For more information, visit http://rehabworks.ksc.nasa.gov/about/internships

INSPIRE Institute for P-12 Engineering Research and Learning, at Purdue University – Accepting Applications for 2008 Summer Academy

INSPIRE Summer Academy July 27 – August 1, 2008

Are you interested in learning how to develop innovative methods for integrating engineering thinking into your classroom?

The 2008 INSPIRE Summer Academy is a week long program for 2nd – 5th grade educator teams. The educator teams must comprise a minimum of six educators from as many as three buildings in the same school district/corporation. The teams can be created from across disciplines (e.g. math, science, technology, and language arts), and can include administrators as well as teachers.

At the end of the Summer Academy, teachers will be able to:
· Convey a broad perspective of the nature and practice of engineering
· Communicate the difference and similarities between engineering and science thinking
· Discuss what engineers do and how they solve problems with students
· Use engineering problem-solving process such as design and model development to engage students in realistic open-ended problem solving

In addition, each participating educator will receive a $750.00 stipend and the opportunity to obtain 3 graduate credit hours. Summer Academy participants traveling outside a 50 mile radius from Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus will receive an on-campus housing/food allowance and a travel stipend of up to $400.00.

Download the application at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/INSPIRE
Application deadline is due May 1st, 2008
For more information contact Dan Somerville, dsomervi@purdue.edu

NASA Space Settlement Design Contest

Design a space colony! Space colonies are permanent communities in orbit, as opposed to being on the moon or other planets. Designing a space colony involves physics, mathematics, space science, environmental science and many other disciplines. This contest is for 11-18-year-old students from anywhere in the world. Individuals or teams may enter. Grades 6-9 and 10-12 are judged separately, except for the grand prize. All participants will receive a certificate. Prizes will be awarded to winning entries.

Submissions must be received by March 31, 2008.

For additional information about the contest, visit http://www.nas.nasa.gov/About/Education/SpaceSettlement/Contest/.

Aeronautics Competition for High School Students

The Fundamental Aeronautics Program of the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters announces a new aeronautics competition for high school students for the 2007-2008 academic year.

High school students are challenged to write a research paper to explain ideas for a future aircraft that could become the “DC-3” for cargo and passengers in the year 2058. Descriptions should be well-informed and include sections on fuel, environmental effects, noise levels, runway length and condition, operating costs, passenger and cargo loads, and service operations. Final entries are due on March 15, 2008.

Any U.S. student enrolled in an accredited high school or home school in the United States or its territories is eligible to enter the competition for cash prizes. Non-U.S. citizens and students in international locations can enter as well, but they are not eligible for cash prizes. Trophies and certificates will be awarded to each winner, regardless of citizenship.

For complete details, visit http://aero.larc.nasa.gov/competitions_high.htm.

INSPIRE: Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience

The Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience, or INSPIRE, is a multi-tiered project for students and their parents or legal guardians. Participating students must be in grades 9-12 or in their freshman year of college.

INSPIRE provides grade-appropriate NASA-related resources and experiences to encourage and reinforce students’ aspirations to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, education and careers. The project also offers resources and information for parents to help them better champion their student’s goals. INSPIRE provides participants a rich online community, as well as opportunities to compete to participate in NASA/STEM Experiences.

INSPIRE participants will be matched to one of the 10 NASA facilities, based on the participant’s place of residence and the NASA facility’s Area of Service.

Applications are due March 15, 2008. For more information about this opportunity, visit http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/postsecondary/programs/INSPIRE_Project.html.

Sun-Earth Day Celebration on March 20, 2008

Sun-Earth Day comprises a series of programs and events that occur throughout the year, culminating with a celebration on, or near, the Spring Equinox. This year’s celebration is on March 20, 2008.

Over the past seven years, the NASA’s Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum has sponsored and coordinated education and public outreach events to highlight NASA’s Heliophysics research and discoveries. This effort involves using celestial events, such as total solar eclipses and the Transit of Venus, as well as Sun-Earth Day during the March Equinox, to engage K-12 schools and the public in space science activities, demonstrations and interactions with space scientists.

For more information and educational resources, including posters, flyers, postcards and an educator kit, visit the Sun-Earth Day Web site at http://sunearthday.nasa.gov/.

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