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Registration Now Open for NASA Quest LIMA Challenge for Students in Grades 4-8

NASA Quest LIMA Challenge for Students in Grades 4-8

In this challenge, students become scientists and propose Antarctic research. The Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica is the first true-color high-resolution satellite view of the Antarctic continent. Using this view of Antarctica, students must develop a research question and debate the value of studying the chosen feature. Registration is currently open and educational resources are available online.

For more information, visit http://quest.nasa.gov/challenges/lima

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Spring 2008 Cassini Scientist for a Day Contest – Deadline May 8, 2008

The Cassini Scientist for a Day contest challenges students to become NASA scientists studying Saturn. Participants are challenged to examine three target images taken by Cassini and choose the one that they think will yield the best scientific results. This choice must then be explained in a 500-word essay.

The contest is open to all students in the United States from grades 5-12, working alone or in groups of up to four students. The essays will be divided into three groups: grades 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12. All submissions must be students’ original work. Each student can submit only one entry.

Deadline for Spring 2008 submissions is noon Pacific time (3 p.m. EDT) on May 8, 2008 .
For more information, visit http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/education/scientist/

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Science Workshops for Educators – Application Deadline May 31, 2008

Stipend Notification: March 21, 2008
Application Deadline: May 31, 2008

Choose from six different content area workshops designed to meet classroom curriculum requirements. Keep pace with the latest science research, engage in standards-based classroom activities, and explore ways to make science fun as you work side by side with Penn State faculty.

Grants, sponsored in part by NASA, provide all participants with a private room in the newly built Brill Hall, reimbursements for travel costs up to $100, breakfast in the dining commons, and an allotment for lunches and dinners. In addition, tuition subsidies are available for ALL of the workshops on a competitive basis. Depending upon funding availability, additional tuition subsidies may be provided after March 21. Sign up today and find out why most of our teachers come back to take additional courses in our series!

2008 course titles:

  • Exploring Renewable Energy Technologies and the Materials that Make it Happen (NEW)
  • Earth’s History: Interaction Between Life and the Environment (NEW)
  • Extreme Particle Astrophysics
  • Evolution – How important is it to a good science education?
  • Telescopes: The Tools of Astronomical Inquiry (NEW)
  • Black Holes: Gravity’s Fatal Attraction (NEW)

For more information and the on-line application, visit http://teachscience.psu.edu . If you have questions about this opportunity, please e-mail Leah Bug at teachscience@psu.edu .

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