Four Student Competitions – Teacher Guides Available – Current Round Deadline June 30, 2008

By Kids For Kids (BKFK)  hosts four quarterly competitons each year for K-12 students in the United States. Prizes vary by contest and include $10,000 awards for each competition and challenge specific trips or products. Free teaching materials are available for educators at the following link:

Details regarding each challenge are available at the following links:

Advertise your Cause Challenge
Say It is for teens who want to speak out loud. This season, we challenge them to create an advertising campaign for a cause.

2008 Trash to Treasure Competition
Build It is for gadget gurus and young people who love to build products. This season, inspire your teen to turn their trash to treasure.  

Cosmo Girl MYOB Entrepreneurial Challenge
Design It provides a place for designers, artists & decorators. This season, female moguls can enter their business idea or plan to start off their dream project.

A2Z Animal Challenge
Change It is for teens who want to change the world. This season, animal lovers can enter ideas for new ways to improve the life of a pet or an animal.

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