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Happy Earth Day – April 22, 2008!

Join NASA in celebrating Earth Day 2008 on April 22, 2008. Many resources and opportunities are available on the NASA Web site to help you bring Earth Day to your students.

Special Earth Day features on NASA.gov include:

  • NASA EARTH DAY Web site articles
  • Top Ten Earth photos from the space station (selected by the Crew Earth Observations team)
  • Blog with NASA scientist Sue Runco, who specializes in astronaut photography from space
  • Astronaut Don Pettit’s “Cities at Night” video — a personal perspective from his mission in 2003
  • Earth Without Earth? A feature story on the famed Apollo 17 photo of Earth
  • A video featuring some of the best Earth video, with narration by a scientist

For these special features and more related to Earth Day, visit http://www.nasa.gov


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