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NASA Scientists Address 5 Big Questions in Earth Science for Earth Science Week 2008

Log in during Earth Science Week 2008 as scientists from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center answer the five big Earth science questions. Each day a 2-minute video clip of scientists addressing these questions will be featured at http://www.nasa.gov/goddard  along with links to additional Earth science educational resources.

Following is the schedule:
1. Introduction and How is the global Earth system changing? 10/13/08
2. What are the primary forces of the Earth system? 10/14/08
3. How does the Earth system respond to natural and human-induced changes? 10/15/08
4. What are the consequences of change in the Earth system for human civilization? 10/16/08
5. How will the Earth system change in the future? 10/17/08

NASA is a sponsor of Earth Science Week 2008, “No Child Left Inside.” For more information on Earth Science Week, visit http://www.earthsciweek.org

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