Applications Open For Newark/Premier Farnell Scholarships for Electrical Engineering – Deadline Aug 31, 2009i

Scholarship applications are now being accepted from individual students worldwide who are registered in a full time Electrical and Electronics Engineering course in the 2009 entry year. Scholarship information, including the application form and terms and conditions, are available on the element14 website at

Applications will be accepted through the 31st of August 2009 and winners will be announced on the 1st of October 2009.

Applicants will be required to answer one of three questions. They can explain the importance of their electrical engineering degree in today and tomorrow’s society and how they plan in using it to better the environment. Alternatively, they can either explain how they feel electronics design will change in the coming years or what new technology will have the biggest impact on electronics in the near future.

The scholarships have been created from the $30,000 USD prize money that remained after a student division winner was not named for the 2008 Live EDGE Electronic Design Global Environment challenge. The scholarship awards will be evenly distributed between Asia, Europe and the Americas, allotting $10,000 for each region or four $2,500 individual scholarships per region.

“Encouraging innovation and forward thinking among engineering students is paramount to the development and sustainability of future generations of design engineers,” said Harriet Green, Chief Executive Officer of Premier Farnell. “The Live EDGE scholarship fund will help to encourage and develop 12 students enabling them to continue or start their education for the year to come. We are excited that through these scholarships we are able to support students as they strive to become leaders in critical environmental design practices.”


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