Weekend Astronomy Workshops – Sept 12- 13, 2009

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Presents a Weekend of Education Workshops

The intersection in 2009 of the Year of Science, the International Year of Astronomy, and the 120th anniversary meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific provides a singular opportunity to showcase science and to provide professional development opportunities for those working on the front lines of science education and outreach. As part of its annual meeting, ASP is offering a series of workshops and events for teachers, informal educators, and amateur astronomers engaged in public outreach.

All events will be held in Millbrae, Calif.

Formal Educator Workshops: Sept. 12-13, 2009
Designed for educators of grades 4-12, the workshop will have several strands for participants to choose from to match their needs and interests. Each strand will include current content, hands-on activities and approaches to teaching science that can help teachers to meet their curriculum and science standards goals. Take-home materials will also be provided.

Informal Educator Workshops: Sept. 12-13, 2009
Pick up new tips and hone your skills for presenting science in informal settings in workshops designed for informal educators, including planetarium, museum and science/nature center educators. ASP staffers, NASA- and National Science Foundation-sponsored professionals, and special guest presenters will lead the workshop.

Astronomy 101 Workshop: Sept. 12, 2009
The Astronomy 101 Workshop will help participants implement interactive learning strategies in their classrooms. From questioning in the classroom to small group collaborative activities, interactive-teaching will be modeled by both workshop leaders and participants. Members of the Center for Astronomy Education at the University of Arizona will present this workshop.

Amateur Astronomer Workshops and Events: Sept. 12-13, 2009
Join other amateur astronomers for two days of workshops and events. On Sept. 12, 2009, attend a day-long meeting of the Astronomical Association of Northern California to learn new information and techniques. On Sept. 13, 2009, morning workshops will focus on moon outreach and enhancing public outreach skills, while the afternoon will feature speakers from the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute.

For more information about these workshops and events, visit http://www.astrosociety.org/events/2009mtg/workshops.html


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