NASA Experimental Programming Competition to Benefit Spaceflight

NASA, in conjunction with TopCoder Inc. and researchers from Harvard Business School and London Business School, has kicked off an experimental programming competition. The competition is aimed at developing algorithms that optimize medical kits for long-duration human space exploration.

Competitors will develop algorithms to help NASA’s flight surgeons make decisions involved with optimizing the contents of the medical supplies kit that may one day be carried on board long-term space missions. Submissions will be compared with the results of an existing computer model that has simulated the expected medical occurrences and outcomes for various mission scenarios.

Registration for the event closes on Oct. 28, 2009. The online competition runs Nov. 4-14, 2009. The competition is open to all TopCoder members but will be limited to 480 members. More than $24,000 in cash and prizes is at stake.

For full registration information and rules, visit

TopCoder is a competitive software development community with more than 220,000 developers representing more than 200 countries that offers competition-based development using a unique model of open innovation.


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