2009-2010 Fundamental Aeronautics Student Competition – Notice of Intent Due Jan 15, 2010

The Fundamental Aeronautics Program invites undergraduate and graduate students to research and design a civilian amphibious tiltrotor vehicle. The vehicle must be able to take off and land on water or land; carry up to fifty passengers; cruise at 300 knots; and cover 800 nautical miles. Participants must be enrolled in an accredited college or university. International students may participate but are not eligible for certain prizes. A notice of intent is requested by Jan. 15, 2010. Final papers are due May 3, 2010.

Participants will submit a conceptual design for an amphibious tiltrotor that meets or exceeds the design goals and capabilities described on the official context website. Participants will also describe the technical issues associated with water landings and take-offs and describe the design trade-offs considered to accommodate marinization. Format and content guidelines are available on the website.

To review the contest details and submission guidelines, please visit http://aero.larc.nasa.gov/competitions_univ.htm


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