NASA Planetary Biology Internship (PBI) – Deadline Feb 15, 2010

The NASA Planetary Biology Internship Program (PBI) provides opportunities to explore scientific questions of global scale about planet Earth. Each year the PBI program sponsors nine or ten interns who undertake research at NASA Research Centers or NASA-sponsored laboratories and academic institutions. Students admitted to the Microbial Diversity course at the MBL may also be selected as interns.

The aim of the Planetary Biology Internship Program is to provide opportunites for graduate students to take part in planetary biology research at NASA centers and universities. The pursuit of such studies is expected to broaden the base of this new science by encouraging people in many different fields to take part. Students accepted in the PBI program will be expected to carry out research with a NASA-sponsored investigator for eight weeks usually during the summer months. Typical programs in which interns may become involved include: global ecology and remote sensing; microbial ecology and bio-mineralization; advanced life support; origin and early evolution of life.

Graduate students and senior undergraduates accepted to graduate school who are majoring in biology or other related sciences such as paleontology, atmospheric science, and geochemistry, with interests in planetary biology are eligible to apply for this program. Interns will receive a stipend of $3400 for the 8 weeks of their participation in the program, and reimbursement for transportation costs not to exceed $1100. The award is non-renewable.

Applications are due no later than February 15, 2010. Please visit the program website for details:


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