ESMD Research Paper Competition Informational Chat – Nov 16, 2009

The ESMD Space Grant Project would like to invite our students and faculty to please join us for an internet chat on Monday, November 16, 2009 about the ESMD Research Paper Competition. Students will have a chance to talk to a NASA engineer who is considered an expert in the competition topics. Information about the competition, including eligibility requirements and directions for submitting a paper, can be found at

One half-hour will be dedicated to each of the 4 topics of the competition following the schedule below:

2:00 p.m. EASTERN/1:00 p.m. CENTRAL/12:00 p.m. MOUNTAIN/11:00 a.m. PACIFIC Determination of the Optimum Internal Cockpit Layout

2:30 p.m. EASTERN/1:30 p.m. CENTRAL/12:30 p.m. MOUNTAIN/11:30 a.m. PACIFIC Loading of Cryogenic Propellant in Space Launch Vehicle

3:00 p.m. EASTERN/2:00 p.m. CENTRAL/1:00 p.m. MOUNTAIN/12:00 p.m. PACIFIC Synergistic Degradation Effects of Materials Exposed to Radiation, Micrometeors, Thermal Sinks and Lunar Dust

3:30 p.m. EASTERN/2: 30 p.m. CENTRAL/1: 30 p.m. MOUNTAIN/12: 30 p.m. PACIFIC Spacecraft Landing and Recovery Architecture: Historical Approaches and Ideas for the Future

The chat will be held at Participants can choose to attend for all the topics or any single topic they choose.

Please keep in mind, the room will not be available until 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. There are 100 slots available that will be filled on a first come/first serve basis.

Keep an eye on our Facebook group, ESMD Space Grant Project, for more details and the chance to meet fellow ESMD Space Grant students. We are encouraging all participants to submit questions ahead of time to Mandi.C.Falconer (at)

General chat relating to the overall ESMD Space Grant Project, including internship opportunities, senior design projects and the Lunabotics Mining Competition will take place 15 minutes before and after the chat at


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