Digital Learning Network to Host Solar Event for High Schools – Jan. 26, 2010

How intense will the next solar cycle be? Can scientists predict when a violent solar storm will blast Earth with energetic particles? How does this peculiarly low activity of the sun in 2007-2010 counteract global warming trends? These are a few of the questions that scientists anticipate the new Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, will help to answer.

SDO is scheduled to launch in February 2010. To energize students and teachers about this mission, NASA DLN will host a one-hour interactive event with scientists and engineers of SDO. Geared for students in grades 9-12, the event will take place on Jan. 26, 2010, at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Slots are limited, and schools will be selected upon evidence of need and how the event will match the school’s curricular activities. All schools interested in connecting to this videoconference must send a contact name, school name and address, grade level, number of students to participate, and a short description of how this event will benefit the curriculum to Dr. Marci Delaney,


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