Hubble Case Study for Collegiate Level Students and Faculty

Goddard and USA TODAY Education Collaborate on Hubble Case Study for Collegiate Level Students and Faculty — Understanding Hubble’s Contributions to the Study of the Cosmos

In this second NASA Goddard/USA TODAY Hubble Case Study, we look more closely at three areas in which discoveries made with Hubble, often working together with other telescopes, both on the ground and in space, have fundamentally changed our ideas about astronomy: extrasolar planets, the formation and evolution of galaxies, and the nature of the expansion of our universe.

This Case Study was developed in collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute. The first case study is The Hubble Legacy. Both are available for download at:

USA TODAY Education is promoting both case studies all next week in their Campus Coverage which reaches 17,000+ college administrators and faculty members.

How are Case Studies promoted and made available to professors and students?
• Distribution through Offices of Student Affairs/Career Counseling Centers on USA Today’s 500+ Collegiate Readership Program campuses
• Downloadable via PDF file on USA Today website.
• National collegiate conferences attended by USA Today & NASA – print copies
• Informational flyers
• Email newsletter blasts to targeted collegiate organizations and audiences
• Highlighted monthly in USA Today’s Campus Coverage news digest (17,000+ college administrators and faculty)

View the case studies here:


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