Sun-Earth Day Webcast – March 20, 2010


The following information will appear on the SED and/or NASA Edge website

Webcast Title: NE Live: Sun-Earth Day – Magnetic Storms
Date: March 20, 2010
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET
Location: NASA EDGE USTREAM page

This year’s webcast will be hosted on the NASA EDGE USTREAM page. You can access the webcast on March 20th by going to

Webcasts Hosts:
• Chris Giersch (NASA EDGE)
• Blair Allen (NASA EDGE)

Webcast Interviews:
• Nicola Fox (Space Weather Expert)
• Holly Gilbert (Space Weather Expert)
• Steele Hill (SDO)
• Elaine Lewis (Sun-Earth Day Team)
• Troy Cline (Sun-Earth Day Team)

Webcast Outline:
• Introduction
• What is Sun-Earth Day and why we celebrate it?
• What is a Magnetic Storm and how does it affect the Earth?
• Demo of magnetism activity for kids
• Interviews with subject matter experts about various satellites that
study the sun
• Q & A / email questions etc.

This year’s Sun-Earth Day main event will take full advantage of our social media connections. We’ll also be doing something crazy and new…have you ever heard of a BubbleTweet!

o Twitter: NASA_EDGE
o Facebook: NASA EDGE
* Sun-Earth Day
o Twitter:
o Facebook:

Visit NSTA’s Sun-Earth Day 2010 page to access one or more of the Learning Center’s FREE resources and enhance your knowledge about the Sun and magnetic forces.


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