New Robotics Module in NASA’s Do-It-Yourself Podcast

NASA uses robots in the form of aircraft, arms, space probes and telescopes. These robots do everything from explore the solar system to build new rockets. Your students can create a podcast about robots using NASA audio and video clips, images, and information. NASA Education’s newest DIY Podcast topic module is entitled “Robots.”

This module features NASA robotic systems engineer Fernando Zumbado discussing robots and how NASA uses them. The module’s 22 video clips include Mars rover animation and B-roll footage of several NASA robots. The Robots module also has 11 audio clips. Students download these NASA multimedia materials and edit them with their own recordings and narration to create a podcast.

Other DIY Podcast topic modules are:
• Fitness.
• Lab Safety.
• Newton’s Laws.
• Rocket Evolution.
• Solar Arrays.
• Spacesuits.
• Sports Demo.

Students can build multimedia projects, while teachers meet national education standards. A companion blog offers tips and suggestions for incorporating the DIY Podcast into the classroom. To learn more and to start making podcasts, visit


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