Bring the Excitement of Robotics and the STS-131 Space Shuttle Mission Into the Classroom

On her first spaceflight, astronaut and educator Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger is operating the space shuttle’s robotic arm. She is a mission specialist on the STS-131 space shuttle mission that is currently visiting the International Space Station. Bring the excitement of robotics and the STS-131 mission into the classroom with these resources available online.

STS-131 Resources for Educators
Visit to keep your students informed about the STS-131 mission to the International Space Station. A page for educators is available with information about the space shuttle, the astronauts, educational resources, multimedia, interactive features, NASA Kids’ Club, articles and news updates.

Access the STS-131 page for educators at the following location:

NASA’s Education Robotics Web Site
Innovation, creativity, problem solving — the world of robotics at NASA is all of these things. Bookmark this one-stop shop on for news about robotics for educators and students. Check out the things to do on the site to see if robotics might be in your future.

What you can do on this Web site:

  • Answer the question: What is robotics?
  • Practice your programming skills with the interactive robotic activity.
  • Watch and download video and multimedia features about robotics.
  • Follow a timeline tracing the history of robotics.
  • Check out lesson plans for your classroom.
  • Stay up-to-date with information about NASA-supported robotics competitions.
  • Visit the Robotics Image Gallery.
  • Explore other worlds with NASA through robotic spacecraft discoveries.
  • Read about scientists and engineers who design and test robots.
  • Browse NASA Web sites for information about robotics.


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