NGCP Regional Collaborative Mini-Grants – Deadline June 4, 2010

The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) mini-grants are designed to enhance access to and build collaboration between programs and resources. Mini-grants of up to $1000 will be awarded to individuals and organizations with small scale collaborative projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mini-grant application resources, including a sample application, research based strategies, and evaluation requirements are available online at the following link:

Applications for the Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Project mini-grants will open May 17, 2010 and close June 4, 2010
Please see the main NGCP website for opportunities in other areas.

Previous mini-grant awards have used these grants to create a LEGO Robotics Day Camp, build robotics teams, host a recruiting event to get middle school girls to sign up for high school computer science classes, fund teacher workshops on classroom equity, etc. Some of the grantees have been high school girls. Keep in mind that being inclusive of girls does NOT mean girls only. These grants are small; collaboration is a must; meeting/food/transportation costs have been allowable in the past.


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