NASA’s Digital Learning Network Offers Summer of Innovation Webcasts

Summer of Innovation is a multi-faceted, intensive middle school science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, project with a pilot conducted during the summer 2010. Summer of Innovation is designed to improve STEM teaching and learning in partnership with federal agencies, academic and informal organizations, nonprofits, and industry. Summer of Innovation Website:

The DLN will present weekly webcasts featuring NASA Experts starting June 15th through August 19th. Presenters will cover topics related to the 6 Summer of Innovation themes: Aeronautics, Life, Universe, Mother Earth Father Sky, Robotics, and Rocketry. Topics will be presented twice each week on Tuesdays at 11:00 am and Thursdays at 4:00 pm.

WEBCAST SCHEDULE All Times: Eastern Daylight Savings Time

June 15th (11:00 am) and 17th (4:00 pm) : NASA Langley Research Center (Theme: Mother Earth Father Sky)
June 22nd (11:00 am) and 24th (4:00 pm) : NASA Kennedy Space Center (Theme: Mother Earth Father Sky)
June 19th (11:00 am) and July 1st (4:00 pm) : NASA Stennis Space Center (Theme: Rocketry)
July 6th (11:00 am) and 8th (4:00 pm) : NASA Johnson Space Center (Theme: Life)
July 13th (11:00 am) and 15th (4:00 pm) : NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Theme: Universe)
July 20th (11:00 am) and 22nd (4:00 pm) : NASA Glenn Research Center (Theme: Aeronautics)
July 27th (11:00 am) and 29th (4:00 pm) : NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (Theme: Aeronautics)
August 3rd (11:00 am) and 5th (4:00 pm) : NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (Theme: Rocketry)
August 10th (11:00 am) and 12th (4:00 pm) : NASA Ames Research Center (Theme: Life)
August 17th (11:00 am) and 19th (4:00 pm) : NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (Theme: Robotics)

Watch the webcasts online at the DLN website:


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