Daily Archives: August 10, 2010

Save Some Money This Term – Rent Textbooks Online

We’ve found a great new way for students (and parents) to save a little money on books this year. BookRenter.com allows you to rent textbooks for much less than the purchase cost. Search for the book you need using the ISBN number, title, or author then select how long you’d like to keep the book. Rentals can be 30-125 days. Shipping is free (in both directions)! This is a great idea that helps the environment and your wallet too.

Visit the website to see if your textbooks are available: http://www.bookrenter.com/

Former NASA Chief Sean O’Keefe and Ex-Senator Ted Stevens Reported in Deadly Plane Crash

Sean O’Keefe, Administrator of NASA during the Bush administration, was reportedly aboard a plane that crashed late Monday in a remote part of Alaska. “The National Transportation Safety Board says it appears that five people were killed and four survived the Alaska crash of a small plane…” Former senator Ted Stevens is also reported to have been aboard. There is no confirmation as yet regarding Sean O’Keefe’s status.


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