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NASA Funding for Your Senior Design Project – Applications Due September 3, 2010

NASA Exploration Senior Design Projects integrate ESMD-provided mission challenges into university senior engineering design courses. ESMD-related design projects will be identified by ESMD each year. Funds can be used to support student senior engineering design projects (i.e. to buy materials, build prototypes, etc.) or to bring in subject matter experts to consult with the class.

As participants in this NASA program, students will complete an ESMD aligned project while working closely with a NASA technical mentor. A list of pre-approved project themes and problems is available online at http://education.ksc.nasa.gov/esmdspacegrant/Documents/2009%20Senior%20Design%20List.pdf . Approved and funded projects may receive up to $5,000 in support of their research. Faculty or team leads may submit a request for funding at http://spacegrant.org/esmdsg/forms/?form=design . The deadline to submit requests is Friday, September 3, 2010.

NASA senior design projects are subject to change and contingent on project funding, mentor availability and management approval.

Please visit the primary Sr. Design website for details. http://education.ksc.nasa.gov/esmdspacegrant/Sr_Design.htm

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