Blast Back to School With NASA Educational Resources

As you get ready for the new school year, consider adding a little space to your class.

NASA offers educational resources for use with kindergarten through college, as well as resources for the informal education community. Many of NASA’s educational products are quick and easy to find on the NASA website.


Blast back to school with some great NASA space materials

Visit the NASA Blast Back to School page to find educational resources and NASA events taking place in your area. From the site, you can find information relating to the following topics:

  • NASA Explorer Schools
  • NASA Summer of Innovation
  • Current Opportunities for Students and Educators
  • National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program
  • Taking Up Space Blog
  • Go Backstage With NASA Education
  • Homework Topics for Students
  • NASA’s Education Resources
  • Easy Ways to Obtain NASA Educational Materials
  • Find NASA Teaching Materials
  • NASA’s Educator Resource Center Network
  • Central Operation of Resources for Educators
  • Educational Multimedia

For more information, visit the Blast Back to School page:

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