USA Science & Engineering Festival This October Nationwide

Scheduled for October, the USA Science & Engineering Festival  will be a free educational event to get Americans excited about science and engineering!  The festival will feature hands-on demonstrations, fun demos, and presentations including art, music, comedy, film, and theater.

USA Science and Engineering Festival

Join the USA Science and Engineering Festival in October!

Over 150 FREE events are planned throughout the month of October and more than 750 companies, universities, research labs, federal agencies, professional societies, community groups, and science outreach organizations will participate.

The largest of the events will occur on October 23-24 at the National Mall in Washington, DC (and surrou

nding venues) with activities for all ages. You can learn about fun topics like the science of the magic of Harry Potter, the mathematics of jump roping, the physics of superheroes, the chemistry of Thanksgiving Dinner, the engineering of baseball bats and balls, the science behind special effects in movies, trends in global warming, renewable energy sources of the future, and much more.

Events will also take place across the United States. Find an event close to you at the more at the festival website!

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