New Educational Materials Available at

The Educational Materials section of NASA’s Web site offers classroom activities, educator guides, posters and other types of resources that are available for use in the classroom. Materials are listed by type, grade level and subject. The following items are now available for downloading.

Women at NASA Video – Grades K-12
NASA has many possibilities for women who study science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This video gives girls ideas of how they can prepare to work at NASA by starting young. It also shows clips of women who work at NASA.

Earth Math – Grades 6-12

This booklet provides many of the quantitative skills your students will need to make sense out of climate change. To think quantitatively about climate change, students must become fluent in working with Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales. Students also should understand the difference between watts, kilowatts and kilowatt hours; tons and gigatons; and BTUs and tons of carbon dioxide. All of these units appear in news stories about climate change and human impacts on the environment. The problems in this guide include basic mathematics, algebra, geometry and some trigonometric functions. The one-page assignments are accompanied by one-page answer keys.

Space Math V – Grades 9-12

These activities comprise a series of 87 practical mathematics applications in space science. This collection of activities is based on a weekly series of problems distributed to teachers during the 2008-2009 school year. The problems in this booklet investigate space phenomena, space travel and mathematics applications such as planetary nebulae, collapsing gas clouds, space shuttle launch trajectory, evaluating functions, and differentiation. The problems are authentic glimpses of modern science and engineering issues, often involving actual research data. Each word problem includes background information. The one-page assignments are accompanied by one-page teachers answer keys.

Do-It-Yourself Podcast Brochure – Grades 5-12

NASA’s Do-It-Yourself Podcast is a topical collection of downloadable video and audio clips featuring NASA astronauts, scientists and/or engineers. Teachers and students can mix and mash the video and audio clips to create their own podcasts. The brochure details how to access the DIY Podcast tool online, defines “podcast,” lists the steps for using DIY Podcast and explains how to use the DIY Podcast blog.

Hurricane Katrina: A Problem-Based Learning Module – Grades 5-12

Because it recognizes the importance of U.S. coastal areas to the nation’s economy, the U.S. National Ocean Service has formed a task force that is studying the trends and impacts of hurricanes on coastal regions. They have invited your students to participate. In this activity, students are tasked with conducting an Earth systems analysis of Hurricane Katrina that will help answer the question “Is global warming causing an increase in hurricane frequency and intensity?”


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