Space Systems Engineering Curriculum for Undergraduates

The Space Systems Engineering website includes lots of new and exciting material to be used in the classroom. Many files are formatted to be readily loaded into the BlackBoard(tm) eLearning system.

Below is the new content that you will find on the website:

Eight new undergraduate modules.
1. Design for Manufacturability
2. Virtual Teams
3. Make vs Buy
4. Maintainability
5. Logistics
6. Human Factors
7. Human Factors and Ergonomics
8. The Role of Optimization in Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering aspects of the International Space Station.
The Case Study was commissioned by NASA and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Systems Engineering and Integration.
Developed by: John Muratore

Course files to download:
1. Lectures
2. Assignments
3. Articles
4. DoD References
5. NASA References
6. NASA Handbooks

Visit the Space Systems Engineering website for more information and to download course materials.


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