NASA Careers ‘What’s in Your Future?’ Webcasts

DLiNFocus: NASA Careers ‘What’s in Your Future?’ Special Event Series

Various subject matter experts from different NASA centers will be in the Digital Learning Network studios for a series of webcasts focusing on careers. Selected classrooms will be able to interact live with the scientists face to face through the DLN cameras. Each event will be webcast to allow students from all over the world to watch the interviews. Any student can interact by sending questions via e-mail.

Experts will share their academic experiences from elementary through college and talk about what motivated them to pursue their careers. They will discuss where those career paths lead. Students and teachers will have an opportunity to learn about the wide variety of career choices at NASA — astronauts aren’t the only folks who work here! The schedule of events through December includes:

— Nov. 17: Stennis Space Center featuring Casey Kirchner — Aerospace Engineer.
— Dec. 1: Marshall Space Flight Center featuring Tristan Curry — Aerospace Engineer.
— Dec. 8: Dryden Flight Research Center featuring Kathleen Stanton — Nurse.
— Dec. 15: Glenn Research Center featuring Mike Foreman — former astronaut and current Chief of External Programs at GRC.

Each hour-long webcast event begins at 2 p.m. ET.

Sign up today to become a part of this exciting opportunity to meet NASA employees live! For more information, visit the DLN website at and click the Special Events button


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