NASA Education Communications Support Services (ECSS) Website

The NASA Education Communications Support Services (ECSS) website, , is now available for NASA Education materials requests and communications-related news/information.

The ECSS team in the NASA Office of Education supports Agency-wide dissemination of materials and education events. All NASA and external individuals/organizations seeking educational materials or event support from the Office of Education may refer to the guidance below and on the website. The website also features a blog, social media connections, and other ongoing updates.

Guidance for Requesting NASA Materials

Companies and Non-Profit Organizations
• Please contact the NASA Education Office in your region. The points of contact can be found at

Educators, Schools, and Families

Please utilize the following resources:
• The NASA Educator Resource Center in your region
• Regional Educator Resource Centers in your state
• NASA Central Operations of Resources for Educators (CORE)
• NASA Online Education Materials

Visitors to NASA Headquarters
• The Headquarters Library is open to the public and has an Information Center with a variety of free education and outreach materials.

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