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Women In STEM High School (WISH) Aerospace Scholars Program – Deadline March 14, 2011

Engineer your dream job! Your adventure begins in Spring 2011 with an online community and culminates with a summer experience at NASA Johnson Space Center in Summer 2011. Collaborate with girls from across the country and female NASA engineers and interns. Get ready to start your dream! For specific project information, visit http://wish.spacegrant.org . Deadline: March 14, 2011.


NASA wants you to become the engineers, scientists, researchers and innovators of tomorrow. The WISH project offers a one-of-a-kind experience for female high school students like you to jump start your future and explore the possibilities of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related major or career.


WISH wants female high school juniors from across the country to participate in our pilot project! Your adventure starts in Fall 2011 with an online community and culminates with a summer experience at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Summer 2011. Applicants need to be:

* U.S. citizens
* Female high school juniors
* Interested and excited about STEM
* Committed to a one-year relationship with JSC; and
* Have access to the Internet and email (at home, school or public library)


* Participate in an online community including chat sessions with subject matter experts
* Complete online lessons covering past, present and future space exploration
* Research about leading female STEM professionals
* Attend the summer experience with selection based on application, participation in online activities and research, at no cost to you


* Collaborate with girls from across the country on a unique design project during the summer experience at JSC
* Work with NASA JSC engineers and co-ops/interns on the project
* Present your mission to NASA personnel and community leaders


To participate in this NASA experience, email JSC-NHAS@mail.nasa.gov, or visit http://www.nasa.gov/education/wish

NASA SMD and Space Grant Sponsored Internship Opportunities for Grad and Undergrad Students

A pilot program sponsored by the Space Grant and NASA’s Science Mission Directorate has announced several new internship opportunities for undergraduate or graduate students. These internships, offered at NASA locations other than the NASA Centers (which already have their own intern programs) offer students .

US citizenship is required for all internships. To learn more about the opportunities, please visit the pilot program website at http://md.spacegrant.org/index.php?page=smd-sg-intern-program-description.

To apply for one of the internships, please visit the following website: https://secure.spacegrant.org/apps/?pk=smdi1. You will be asked to create an account and select a specific internship opportunity using the titles of the following opportunities.

The Opportunities Include:

NASA Lunar Science Research Institute-Colorado node (Boulder): Study of Dust Impact Processes for the Lunar Dust Experiment
Location: Colorado Center for Lunar Dust and Atmospheric Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Mentor: Mihaly Horanyi & Stephanie Renfrow
Open to: undergraduate and graduate students
Timeline: Two months during the summer of 2011
Job Description: CCLDAS is proposing to host two undergraduate interns for the duration of 2 months during the summer of 2011. The interns will participate in experiments at our dust accelerator facility and learn about a combination of the following items – based on their background and interest:

Chandra X-Ray Observatory (Cambridge, MA)
Location: Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mentor: Depends on project.
Open to: undergraduate and graduate students, mainly in engineering. Priority will be given to students from minority serving institutions.
Timeline: 10 weeks, summer of 2011. A possibility exists for continued, remote involvement during the academic year.
Job Description: The Chandra program seeks a few talented individuals to assist in engineering analysis and software tool development for the Chandra Flight Operations Team.

Penn State Astrobiology: Laboratory Research Experience in Astrobiology [2 positions]
Location: Penn State Astrobiology Research Center (PSARC), Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
Mentor: The Penn State Astrobiology Research Center has 20 different PIs conducting relevant research. Students selected for this opportunity will be matched with the most appropriate laboratory based on the student’s interests and skills.
Open to: Undergraduate students with a strong academic record
Timeline: 8-10 weeks during the summer of 2011, duration is negotiable with student.
Job Description: PSARC is proposing to host two undergraduate student interns for the duration of 8-10 weeks during the summer of 2011. The interns will work with PSARC faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in a lab that suits their astrobiology interests and skills. Our goal is to provide a research experience that will greatly enhance their interest in astrobiology and chances for graduate studies.

Space Telescope Science Institute [note that this is open to Baltimore area residents]: Web Design for HST
Location: Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland
Mentor: Jonathan Eisenhamer
Open to: undergraduate in computer science or related field where programming is part of the curriculum.
Note that this job is intended to be during the academic year, as well as during the summer and is therefore restricted to universities in the Baltimore area. The intern can begin immediately.
Timeline: part-time 10-20 hours/week during the academic year, with the potential for full time employment during the summer.
Job Description: Web developer, working with the web design group at STScI

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