Through this Announcement, NASA seeks to select Allied Organizations for specific prize competitions (hereinafter “Challenges”) to be conducted under the Centennial Challenges Program of NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Allied Organizations are responsible for the following elements as they relate to individual Challenges:

• Challenge Planning. • Sponsor Recruitment. • Competitor Recruitment. • Challenge Administration and Execution. • Challenge Publicity.

NASA provides the monetary prize purse (which can be supplemented by outside organizations) but no funding for the conduct of the competition itself. Allied Organizations must administer the Challenges with their own funding or they must acquire the funding needed to administer the Challenges through partnerships with sponsoring organizations or through other means.

Sponsoring organizations are those entities that partner with an Allied Organization to contribute funding for administrative expenses or in-kind support through separate agreements between the Allied Organization and the sponsoring organization.

Space Act Agreements NASA anticipates entering into unfunded Space Act Agreements with selected Allied Organizations to manage the Challenges associated with each of the planned Centennial Challenges. Selection of Allied Organizations will be through a competitive process based on evaluation of submitted proposals. Participation as an Allied Organization will be contingent upon selection by NASA and negotiation of an appropriate agreement between NASA and the proposer. The Space Act Agreement will detail the contributions and responsibilities of NASA and the Allied Organization for a specific Challenge. The agreement will address intellectual property rights, concurrence on rules, team agreements, media rights, insurance, registration fees and eligibility and typically include a term of 3 years. NASA reserves the right to select for Space Act Agreement negotiations all, some, or none of the proposals submitted in response to this Announcement. Respondents will be responsible for funding their own activities associated with responding to this Announcement and conducting the Challenge. Allied Organizations may collect reasonable registration fees from competitors but the use of registration fees as a primary means to cover Challenge administration costs is discouraged.

Eligibility Domestic non-profit organizations are eligible to submit proposals in response to this Announcement. Allied Organizations cannot compete in the Challenge that they manage. Allied Organizations and their officers and employees may not have a financial or other interest in any teams that compete in any Challenge(s) they manage.

Organizations may submit proposals to manage one or more of the specific Centennial Challenges described in this announcement but a separate proposal must be submitted for each Challenge. Multiple organizations may form partnerships to manage a Challenge and may submit a joint proposal.

For full details on the relevant Centennial Challenge and eligibility requirements for this NASA solicitation, please refer to the full text at
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