NASA’s Teaching From Space Office Unveils New Website

Teaching From Space is a team of former classroom teachers devoted to helping educators make science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, come alive for learners. Each experience and resource offered through Teaching From Space is intended to be unique and accessible and to provide real-life connections to the world of STEM.

Teaching From Space recently unveiled a new website. This site provides information on many opportunities available through the Teaching From Space Office. Opportunities range from capturing images of Earth by remotely programming a camera aboard the International Space Station to launching an experiment on a NASA weather balloon. Teaching From Space even can put you in touch with astronauts aboard the International Space Station to answer questions related to your classroom studies.

The new site also features a section devoted to women and female students who serve as role models for future generations. Celebrate Women’s History Month by reading about some of the women at NASA and the paths they followed to achieve their goals.

In addition to hands-on activities, the website features electronic resources designed with busy educators in mind. Quickly and easily find everything needed, from short video clips to lesson plans, to infuse your classroom with NASA-unique content.

To find available opportunities and to learn more about Teaching From Space, visit


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