Celebrate 50 Years of Spaceflight! – Yuri’s Night April 12, 2011

50 years ago, on April 12th, 1961 Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin launched into space in Vostok 1. 20 years later, on April 12, 1981, the very first space shuttle Columbia launch occurred in the United States. To celebrate these space milestones, a yearly celebration, dubbed Yuri’s Night, was founded in 2001. Each year, on April 12th, we gather to honor the people and events that have propelled humans into space. This year, a global webcast is planned and you can expect to see videos and photos from celebrations worldwide.

Head to the Yuri’s Night official website to learn more about the celebration, access event resources, and find events near you!
Or submit your own party to the list and join in the fun!


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