The Aerospace states Association 2011 Student Scholarships – Deadline April 30, 2011

The Aerospace States Association offers scholarships annually.

* A $1,500 ASA scholarship, to be competed for, and awarded annually to up to two students pursuing an aerospace-related education.
* The scholarship/s shall be available each year. The student can only win once.
* The candidate’s application for the scholarship shall include community-related activities, school-related activities, grade point average, field of study and an official transcript. An academic-based, personal letter of recommendation shall also accompany the application. These documents shall be sent to the attention of the ASA Education Committee Chair at the address on the application form for review.
* The applicant may only be an entering sophomore or junior in an undergraduate degree program pursuing study in the areas of physical sciences, engineering, or aviation or aerospace related fields.
* Scholarship candidate’s application should be submitted to the ASA Education Committee Chair by April 30 of each year.
* The scholarship would be made available for the fall school term of the year under consideration.
* The scholarship shall be awarded in the form of a check made out to the scholarship awardee/awardees appropriate school, and it shall be understood that the funds are for tuition and books only.

A scholarship application is available at the following link:

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