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Vesta Fiesta for NASA’s Dawn Mission – August 5-7, 2011

Vesta Fiesta

Visit the Dawn Mission's Vesta Fiesta

After nearly four years and 1.6 billion miles, Dawn is catching up to the object of it’s first destination in the main asteroid belt: Vesta. Soon we will explore this exciting new world up close. It’s Vesta Fiesta time!

Taking advantage of three nights where Vesta is near full and visible for night sky viewing with a telescope, Dawn is inspiring fiestas across the nation. Learn about the Vesta flagship fiesta in Pasadena, Calif., Aug. 6th, featuring fun activities, engaging scientists and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Find out where other Vesta Fiesta are being held on our interactive map and join a party near you, or host your own Vesta Fiesta.

For more information, visit http://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/vesta_fiesta.asp

Space Generation Move an Asteroid Paper Competition – Deadline July 1, 2011

Move an Asteroid is an outreach project designed to raise awareness by offering students and young professionals (under the age of 35) the chance to come up with original ideas about Near Earth Object deflection and warning. The goal of this competition is to describe an innovative idea relating to one or more of these three areas:

The safe deflection of an Earth-bound NEO
The detection of NEOs
A global impact warning system

Each entrant will submit a technical paper, up to ten (10) pages long, describing their design. The prize is a full scholarship to the International Astronautical Congress and the Space Generation Congress. For further information and a complete list of requirements, visit http://spacegeneration.org/index.php/activities/126-neo-move-an-asteroid

NASA Summer of Innovation Mini-Grants – Second Call for Proposals – Deadline June 17, 2011

The NASA Office of Education is pleased to offer a second opportunity for Summer of Innovation, or SoI, Mini-Grants in partnership with the National Space Grant Foundation. The mini-grant aspect of the SoI enables local organizations to infuse NASA-themed science, technology, engineering and mathematics content and activities to middle school students through existing summer and/or afterschool programs.

Organizations are eligible to apply for up to $2,500 in funding to incorporate SoI content and themes into their programming. Application deadline is June 17, 2011, with an anticipated award announcement date of July 1, 2011.

For eligibility, timeline and application information, please see the SoI Mini-Grant page on the Space Grant Foundation website, which can be found here: http://soi.spacegrant.org/about

Additionally, please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions for more information about this exciting opportunity here: http://soi.spacegrant.org/faq#faq-expand-all-link

The SoI Mini- Grant Program anticipates making approximately 200 awards during the 2011 fiscal year.

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