NASA Kids’ Club Games and Activities

Have you visited the NASA Kids’ Club recently? Games and activities have been added just in time for summer!

Check out the new “Why Do We Explore?” storybook. Kids can read this animated online story about exploration or have it read aloud to them as they follow along.

Children can let their creativity shine with the “Color NASA” activity. This interactive coloring book features pictures of plants, birds and animals that live on NASA centers across the U.S.

Are your kids hungry for a new game to play? The “Space Lunch” game helps them learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits as they hunt for matching food groups.

Looking for a fun hands-on activity for a summer afternoon? Check out the “Let’s Fly Away” activity. Children can interact online with an aircraft-covered dodecahedron. Or, print out the activity pages to learn about 12 different aircraft and build their own 3-D dodecahedron!

Ever wonder how much you’d weigh on other planets and moons? Play the “Astro-Matic 3000” game to find out!

Do you know a child who likes puzzles? Check out the “Put It Together” game to solve puzzles of NASA images. Choose from four different levels of difficulty.

For these fun activities and more, visit

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