Because It Flew – Education Activities and Space Shuttle Art Competition

“Because It Flew” is a free educational program that introduces students in grades 4-12 (ages 9-17) to the impact of the Space Shuttle Program on our planet and people. This engaging and informative project commemorates the 30-year history of the shuttle program.

“Because It Flew” consists of two elements: optional educational activities and the NASA Space Shuttle Art Competition.

Four activities engage and introduce students to the history of NASA’s space shuttle missions. Completion of these activities is not a requirement for submitting an entry into the art competition, but they may be used to guide students through the process of creating an entry. The activities can be adapted easily to both formal and informal educational settings. Activities are aligned with national standards and support efforts to integrate science, technology, engineering and math with language arts.

The NASA Space Shuttle Art Competitions invites students to create original artwork that symbolizes the impact of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program on our planet and people. Students must also write a 250-word essay explaining their artistic entries. An expert panel of artists will review submissions. The top six entries in two age brackets (9-13 and 14-17) will receive cash prizes, a private tutoring session with an accomplished USA Today graphic artist and a certificate of accomplishment. Entries in the competition are due Aug. 5, 2011.

“Because It Flew” is a joint education initiative of NASA, the National Institute of Aerospace and USA TODAY Education.

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