Free NASA / NSTA Professional Development Webinars

NASA’s Explorer School Program, in conjunction with the NSTA, will offer several free online professional development opportunities for middle school and high school educators. Each of these new learning seminars focuses on NASA developed STEM content for the classroom.

Title Dates
Electromagnetic Spectrum: Remote Sensing Ices on Mars 8/24/2011 11/15/2011 12/19/2011 4/3/2012
Meteorology: How Clouds Form 8/30/11 12/1/2011 1/17/2012 4/9/2012
High-Powered Microscopes: The Virtual Lab 8/31/2011 1/11/2012
Engineering Design Process: On The Moon 9/6/2011 1/19/2012
Weather and Climate: Satellite Meteorology 9/8/2011 1/23/2012
Analyzing Solar Energy Graphs: MY NASA DATA 9/12/2011 1/25/2012

Visit the NSTA website for details:


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