NASA Research Announcement: Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration Missions

A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Research Announcement (NRA), entitled, “Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration Missions” (NRA NNJ11ZSA002NA), has been released which jointly solicits ground-based, bed rest definition and flight definition proposals for the NASA Human Research Program (HRP) and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI). NASA and NSBRI are placing special emphasis on the high priority research area of “Visual Impairment and Intracranial Pressure.” This NRA is available through the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at and then linking through the menu listings “Solicitations” to “Open Solicitations.” On the Open Solicitations page, select NNJ11ZSA002NA from the list of Solicitations.

Proposals are solicited by NASA in the areas of Visual Acuity and Ocular Structure and Function; Fluid Distribution; Team Social, Technical, and Task Roles; and Effects of Constrained, Asynchronous Communication on Operational Tasks. New for this year, NASA is also soliciting investigations lasting no more than one year that provide innovative approaches to any of the defined risks contained in the Integrated Research Plan ( of the Human Research Program.

Proposals are solicited by NSBRI in the areas of Microgravity-Induced Visual Alterations/Intracranial Pressure; Cardiovascular Alterations; Human Factors and Performance; Musculoskeletal Alterations; Neurobehavioral and Psychosocial Factors; Sensorimotor Adaptation; and Smart Medical Systems and Technology.

Proposals responding to the NASA emphases and NSBRI emphases must be submitted separately, and will result in separate evaluations and awards. Step-1 proposals are due on September 22, 2011, and invited Step-2 proposals are due on December 19, 2011. Participation is open to all categories of organizations, including educational institutions, industry, nonprofit organizations, NASA centers, and other Government agencies.

Proposals solicited through this NRA will use a two-step proposal process. Only Step-1 proposers determined to be relevant with respect to the solicited research of this NRA will be invited to submit full Step-2 proposals. Proposals must be submitted electronically. Step-1 proposals to NASA may be submitted via the NASA Proposal data system NSPIRES ( or via ( Invited Step-2 proposals to NASA must be submitted via NSPIRES. Both Step-1 and Step-2 proposals to NSBRI must be submitted via NSPIRES.

This email is being sent on behalf of and is intended as an information announcement to researchers associated with the NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD) Human Research Program (HRP).

Thank you for your continued interest in NASA and NSBRI. Please refer to the solicitation document for contact information.


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