NASA Tweetup Opportunity – Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Launch

NASA Invites 150 Twitter Followers to Mars Rover Launch

NASA will host a two-day launch Tweetup for 150 of its Twitter followers on Nov. 23 and 25 at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Tweetup is expected to culminate in the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 541 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The launch window open is scheduled to open at 10:21 a.m. EST on Nov. 25.

The Tweetup will provide NASA’s social media followers with the opportunity to tour Kennedy Space Center; speak with scientists and engineers; and, if all goes as scheduled, view the spacecraft launch. The event also will provide participants the opportunity to meet fellow tweeps and members of NASA’s social media team.

What is a tweetup?
A Tweetup is an informal meeting of people who use the social messaging medium Twitter. This Tweetup is an opportunity to learn more about NASA and the Mars Science Laboratory mission, explore NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and experience a launch.

How do I register?
Tweetup registration opens at noon EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 5, and closes at noon EDT on Friday, Oct. 7. NASA will invite 150 participants randomly selected from those who sign up. Additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list.

Registration is for one person only (you) and is non-transferable.

Do I need to have a Twitter account to register?
Yes. This event is designed for active Twitter users who follow @NASA, @NASATweetup and other NASA Twitter accounts. The goal of NASA Tweetups is to allow people who regularly interact with each other via Twitter to meet in person and discuss one of their favorite subjects: NASA.

If you are not familiar with Twitter nor a regular user of Twitter and just want to see a spacecraft launch, NASA offers other ways to experience a launch. Learn more at

The Twitter account for the Tweetup is @NASA, and the hashtag is #NASATweetup. We’ll use both to post updates and reminders about the event. Follow the mission via @NASA, @NASAJPL and @MarsCuriosity.

Register between Noon EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and Noon EDT Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 at the following website:


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