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YouTube and Lenovo Seek Student Experiments for Space Station – NYTimes.com

The New York Times, in an article dated October 10, announced a new competition for students aged 14-18.  The SpaceLab Competition, sponsored by Space Adventures, NASA, Lenovo, YouTube, JAXA, and ESA, challenges students to create YouTube videos to pitch ideas for future International Space Station experiments.  Winning entries will be constructed and flown to the ISS where astronauts will conduct the experiments while students observe from their classrooms.

Of special interest to Oregonians, the article also mentioned a student experiment from Jackson Middle School in Portland, Oregon whihc was flown by the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP).  The experiment, funded in part by the Oregon Space Grant Consortium in collaboration with the Portland Public Schools, utilized NanoRack mini-lab space to study cancer cell proteins in microgravity.

The SSEP program encouraged teachers, students, families, and community members to work together to develop and perform hands-on authentic collaborative science.  These are exactly the types of opportunities that inspire youth to consider science, technology, engineering, and math careers.

YouTube and Lenovo Seek Student Experiments for Space Station – NYTimes.com.

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