Mars Education Challenge – Register by Dec 16, 2011

Artist Rendition of Mars Curiosity Rover

Artist Rendition of Mars Curiosity Rover

Teachers of grades 7-12 are challenged to develop ingenious ways to incorporate Mars science and exploration into the classroom. The grand-prize winner receives $5,000, a trip to the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in Indianapolis, and a chance to do field research with a well-known NASA scientist. Other exciting prizes will also be awarded. For more information, please visit the Explore Mars web page and submit your intent to enter by December 16, 2011.

Final entries (lesson plans) are due by January 16, 2012.

  1. Lessons should use Mars (as an example) in your science lesson, while teaching the standard curriculum. Your entry can be one lesson, or several lessons. It can use technical equipment or simple pen and paper.
  2. Abstract: You will need to send an abstract providing a general description of your curriculum support The main body of your curriculum support materials should be no longer than 5,000 words in length.
  3. Your lesson(s) must be accompanied by 5 to 20 PowerPoint slides of your idea / your lesson(s).
  4. The PowerPoint slides will also be put on the web to elucidate your lesson idea to your fellow science teachers.
  5. Send in a letter from your school confirming that you teach at that school and indicating the science course(s) that you teach at that school.
  6. Include your own personal contact information (name, address, email address, telephone numbers, and school address)

Learn more at the Explore mars website


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