New DIY Podcast Module Available – Micro-g

Teachers, are you looking for a new interactive way to reinforce core concepts?  Try student Podcasting!  Through DIY student Podcasting, your class will use audio and visual materials organized in subject modules to create their own multimedia content about the module concepts.  The Podcasts can then be shared online to create a collaborative multimedia portfolio.  The companion Blog offers support to educators interested in using Podcasting the the classroom.  Try it out!

The newest Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, Podcast module, Micro-g, is live and ready for use.

This module includes four NASA experts explaining microgravity and how to live in it. Nancy Hall is a microgravity researcher on Earth. Mike Fincke is the U.S. astronaut who has spent the most total time in orbit (more than a year). And we have footage of flight engineers Nicole Stott and Bob Thirsk from the International Space Station.

Several video clips and images on the photo index page show microgravity demonstrations on Earth and objects and astronauts floating through the space station.

Other DIY Podcast topic modules are:
— Fitness
— Lab Safety
— Newton’s Laws
— Robots
— Rocket Science
— Solar Arrays
— Spacesuits
— Sports Demo

Students use the video clips, pictures and audio clips to build podcast episodes and other multimedia projects.  A companion blog offers tips and suggestions for incorporating the DIY Podcast into the classroom.

To learn more and to start building podcasts, visit

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