GLOBE at Night – Feb. 12-21, March 13-22 and April 11-20, 2012

Join the Worldwide GLOBE at Night 2012 Campaign

GLOBE at Night is a worldwide, hands-on science and education program for primary and secondary schools. The GLOBE at Night project encourages citizen-scientists worldwide to record the brightness of the night sky. During four select sets of dates, children and adults match the appearance of a constellation (Orion or Leo in the northern hemisphere, and Orion and Crux in the southern hemisphere) with seven star charts of progressively fainter stars. The map is located at Participants then submit their choice of star chart online with their date, time and location to help create a light-pollution map worldwide.

The GLOBE at Night 2012 campaign dates are Feb. 12-21, March 13-22 and April 11-20, 2012. Over 68,000 measurements have been contributed from more than 115 countries over the last six years of two-week campaigns.

Children and adults can submit their measurements in real time if they have a smart phone or tablet. To do this, use the Web application at With smart phones and tablets, the location, date and time are put in automatically. And if you do not have a smart phone or tablet, there are user-friendly tools on the GLOBE at Night report page to find latitude and longitude.

Through GLOBE at Night, students, teachers, parents and community members are amassing a data set from which they can explore the nature of light pollution locally and across the globe. Make a difference and join the GLOBE at Night efforts in 2012. Activity packets, one-page flyers and postcards advertising the campaign are available at


One thought on “GLOBE at Night – Feb. 12-21, March 13-22 and April 11-20, 2012

  1. Unfortunately I found the blog too late to participate in the February period. Shall certainly make note of the March and April dates. Will download the app too to be able to record and report in realtime.

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