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Short Sharp Science: Garden gnome goes nomad to showcase gravity

Kern the Gravity-Exploring Gnome

Did you know that you will weigh different amounts depending upon where in the world you are? Kern, the traveling garden gnome, will help you to understand why!

Because the Earth bulges around the middle, it isn’t a perfect sphere. You can imagine the Earth like an under-inflated ball that is a little bit squashed. The top and bottom of the ball (corresponding to the north and south poles on the Earth) are just a bit closer to the center of the ball than the parts around the middle that get pushed outwards. where the surface bulges out on the equator. For the Earth, that means that the poles are closer to the planet’s core than some bulged out places on the equator. This changes the forces of gravity on objects, making things at the poles weight more than things at the equator!

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Short Sharp Science: Garden gnome goes nomad to showcase gravity.

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