– Crowdfunding for Science Projects

PetriDish is a new crowdfunding website for science

PetriDish is a crowdfunding program for science research.

What’s crowdfunding? It’s a way to raise funds for a program or project by asking for help from a community (in this case – online). The community members then make small pledges of money towards the cause. The researchers set a deadline for raising a funding goal and, if the goal is reached, each of those donations are applied to the project after the funding deadline. If the goal isn’t reached, then no donations are actually made. Lots of modest donations (often $5-$10) add up to a healthy research project! is in the beta stage now but researchers are encouraged to apply for the initial round of projects to be featured when the beta is complete. Researchers can increase awareness about their work, raise money for new projects and manage relationships with private donors all in one place. Donors can learn about new science projects and participate in scientific discovery.

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