New DIY Podcast Module Available – Space Station

International Space Station

Now available - new NASA Do it Yourself Podcast module about the International Space Station

Are you looking for new ideas to integrate technology into your lessons? Or are you a student looking for a savvy idea for a class project? Then NASA’s Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, Podcast “Space Station” module may interest you.

Learn what astronaut Mike Fincke enjoys doing most while in space. Finke served as a flight engineer on the station as well as the commander for Expedition 18. He shares how extraordinary efforts of teamwork have resulted in the largest space structure ever built — the International Space Station, or ISS.

Ground-breaking research is being done on the space station by NASA and its international partners. Camille Alleyne, assistant program scientist for the International Space Station, shares some of the work being done in space and how it benefits us on Earth. And astronaut Garrett Reisman, flight engineer for Expeditions 16 and 17, takes us on a tour of the station.

So, why are you waiting? Choose from 40 video clips, 25 audio clips and a variety of images to learn about the station while having fun creating a podcast.

How DIY Podcast Works:
— Download NASA video and audio clips.
— Write a production script.
— Record your narration.
— Edit your product.
— Share your podcast.

Visit NASA’s DIY Podcast site at to learn more and to access information and resources for the new Space Station module.

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