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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Returns to Earth After Successful Mission to ISS

Congratulations SpaceX!

The SpaceX Dragon capsule experienced spashdown¬†off the coast of Baja California. 27′ N 120′ W. ¬†According to NASA, the landing was on target and recovery ships are working on retrieval.

This mission was a demonstration flight by Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, as part of its contract with NASA to have private companies launch cargo safely to the International Space Station.

Visit the NASA website for details about the mission:

There will be a press conference with NASA and the SpaceX team on NASA TV at 11 AM PST



Moon Rise – YouTube

Moon Rise – YouTube.

Aboard the International Space Station in May 2012, Expedition 31 astronaut Don Pettit opened the shutters covering the cupola observation windows in time to watch the moon rise. The time-lapse scene was photographed from the airlock of the Station’s Russian segment.

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