OMSI Star Party in Portland, OR Area – July 28, 2012

(from our friends at OMSI)

OMSI Star Party: Lunar Viewing

July 28, 9:30 pm, at Rooster Rock State Park or L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

Cost: Free with $5 parking per vehicle fee

Earth’s moon will be in a perfect position for viewing on this day, as the angle of the sun causes deep shadows to fall on its surface, making its highlands and craters more easily visible. Together with the Rose City Astronomers and the Vancouver Sidewalk Astronomers, OMSI has organized these star parties to give beginners and experts of all ages the opportunity to view this and other celestial objects up close and personal through a telescope and binoculars. Other viewing highlights include Mars, Saturn and several star clusters.  On the scheduled day of each OMSI Star Party, it is suggested that interested visitors call the OMSI Star Parties Hotline, 503.797.4610 #3 then #5, or check the OMSI Star Parties web site for possible weather-related cancellations.


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