What’s the Forecast in Space?

Camilla Corona

Camilla Corona is the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mascot.

Camilla Corona SDO, the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mascot, wants to know the forecast for tomorrow’s space weather!

Since space weather can harm her astronaut friends and satellites in space, like her pal SDO, Camilla wants you to help her predict what the space weather will be so she can warn them and keep them safe.

The Mission: Learn about space weather on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) website then go to the “Forecast Page” to create a space weather forecast.

Will your forecast be accurate?  You can check back at the SDO  homepage to view the latest space weather updates.

Students will learn about space weather using the forecast lesson, then will make a space weather prediction using the Space Weather Submission Form.

Camilla Corona is counting on you!

Space Weather Activity – NASA SDO


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