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Is Global Warming Affecting Portland, Oregon? You Be The Judge.

radiation data

Is Portland, Oregon Experiencing Global Warming? Analyze data to decide for yourself.

Is Portland, Oregon experiencing global warming?

In this lesson plan from My NASA Data, students will use long wave radiation data to determine whether the climate has changed in Portland, Oregon over a 20 year time span.

The lesson, appropriate for grades 6-9, has the following standards based outcomes:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will understand the difference between climate and weather.
  • Students will practice line graphing skills.
  • Students will find the longitude and latitude of a city on a world map.
  • Students will learn the definition of longwave radiation and Watts per meters squared.
  • Students will discover that temperature and radiation changes vary on our planet

The lesson plan includes step by step instructions, teacher notes, access to data sets, and resources needed to use the activity in a classroom setting.


The My NASA Data website includes many other lesson plans and projects which use authentic NASA atmospheric and earth science data sets.  This is a great way to involve your students in hands-on, standards based science!

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