Curiosity Rover Safely Lands on Mars – Begins Two Year Mission!

Curiosity on descent to Mars

In this amazing NASA image, the MRO HiRISE satellite captures the MSL suspended from a supersonic parachute during a terrifying descent to the Mars surface!

After a tense 352-million mile journey, NASA’s newest rover, Curiosity, made a pinpoint landing in the Gale crater on Mars late last night!  It seemed that the entire world was watching, including several other satellites.  The NASA Mars Reconnaissance orbiter captured the image to the left – a shot of Curiosity connected to a supersonic parachute during the descent to Gale Crater.  Hundreds of people gathered in New York’s time square to watch the landing on the big screen.  The landing activities were streamed live online and millions cheered with the mission crew after touchdown.  The excitement and elation were global and contagious!

As we join with the mission team in a collective high five, we wish the Curiosity rover great success in a two-year mission to search for signs that life may have once existed on Mars.

Share in our enthusiasm and watch the video below!

And don’t forget to visit the NASA website for the very latest information about the Mars Science Laboratory mission and the Curiosity rover.


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